Jennifer is an entertaining and informative speaker that uses personal examples and humor to give the audience inspiration and tactical steps for personal development.  She is prepared to share on the following topics…


The emotions we demonstrate on a regular basis during the course of our professional lives, can cause us to obtain labels that don’t encompass all of our skills and abilities.  By learning to have control of your emotions, you can continue to authentically be yourself, while also maintaining a professional image that lets you shine.


Jennifer shares three techniques in this presentation that will allow you to maintain control of your emotions in the heat of the moment.  Additionally, she will cover how to recover gracefully if you have had an emotional outburst.  Finally, Jennifer discusses ways to support on friends and allies, and get their support in return.


This presentation is about practical application in achieving mastery of your vision for how you show up in an emotional situation.  The ideal audience includes women developing in their careers who want to maintain their passion and have methods for how to control its presentation.


Being in a constant state of stress and overwhelm is not normal…and it’s not healthy!  In today’s society we are so busy with the activities of our life that we create a stress response to things that should not cause us stress. 


Stress responses were supposed to be used when animals were trying to eat us or we feared for our lives…for survival…not because we are late for soccer practice!!  Because of our lack of actual life threatening issues, our bodies have decided to react to any undesirable activity as if we were running for our lives.  This causes negative effects on our minds, bodies and health.  And for most of us, these reactions have become ‘normal’.


In fact, most people don’t even realize that their overwhelm and health problems are being caused by stress.  Once you recognize the stress reactions in your body, and begin to make changes to reframe and reduce or manage your stress, you will find that you are more in control of your life and your health.  You won’t get as frustrated or irritated with small things, like you did in the past.  You will be able to relax and live in the moment, instead of being worried about what happened in the past, or what’s coming in the future.


In this presentation, Jennifer will cover techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in the moment.  She will also provide practical strategies for reducing the stressors in you life to make long term changes that will benefit your health and well-being.  


After establishing her own online courses for NeuroRedeem.  Jennifer has learned many lessons on how to turn your everyday knowledge into an online course and make money while you sleep  Her tips and tricks will help you supplement your current business model, or start something completely new.


In this presentation Jennifer will help attendees determine if an online course is right for them, and give them strategies for building, launching, and marketing an online course.

I’d love to work with you directly to schedule and plan your event.  Please email me at  Talk soon!!    

– Jennifer

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